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You Deserve to Feel Better Than Okay

You feel it every day. The stress that burns away essential vitamins and minerals. The toxins that result in fatigue and weight gain. And the feeling that your brain isn’t as sharp or clear as usual. We’ve felt it too.


Feel Better Than You Thought Possible

Super Cleanse makes it easy to restore and renew your body every week. We cold-press our juices fresh using a mix of organic and locally sourced fruits and vegetables. No added nasties. Just a feast of nutrient-rich superfoods for your body.

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Reviews From People Feeling Their Best

Reviews From People Feeling Their Best

“Before doing the Super Cleanse I was feeling bloated and didn’t have much energy. After my first week I was amazed and felt lighter & energised. I thought I knew a fair bit about eating healthy and had preconceived ideas regarding nutrition. The juices are delicious, very filling & I love how energised I feel. I even noticed I have clearer skin and feel much lighter.”

Lara Vescio

“Most mornings I’d wake up tired, even after a good night’s sleep. After doing the Super Cleanse I felt energised the next morning. I had no hunger or lack of energy throughout the cleanse and woke up fresher the next day. It’s a refreshing change of diet for a day, making you feel clearer, and as a big coffee drinker, I didn’t find myself needing a coffee to wake up the next morning.”

Tim Manton

“Before doing the cleanse I was seagulling. Doing the Super Cleanse helped me feel cleaner, lighter and gave my body a break from coffee. I found that because it’s a 1-day cleanse, it makes this easy. Sipping the juice and drinking tea and kept me full. My morning weigh in was 2 kgs less the day after, which is motivating. By the end of the day, I was energised with no 3pm slump.”

Tamara Martin

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How many juices do I get each week?

We will deliver 6 cold pressed juices for you to consume each week as part of your juice cleanse.

Do I drink all of the juices in one day?

Yes! Drink all 6 juices in one day at the prescribed times included. The Supercleanse is designed to give you all the required nutrients necessary to perform and stay sharp.

When should I drink my juices?

You should evenly space out the 6 juices in your cleanse throughout your day, starting from when you wake up. All the instructions will be included when your Supercleanse arrives.

What order should I drink my juices in?

The Supercleanse has been scientifically formulated for maximum results. All the juices included in the cleanse are numbered to make it as easy for you to drink them in order.

Can I drink water?

Water is a big part of keeping healthy. So during your cleanse, we recommend you drink water.

Can I drink coffee?

The idea behind a juice cleanse is to give your digestive system a break. That includes having a break from coffee. But don't worry! You can get back to having your morning latte or cappuccino the very next day.

Will I feel hungry?

The feedback we get from super-cleansers is that they don't feel hungry at all. There are 6 juices to consume through the day, which generally keeps you full. If you feel hungry, we also send out herbal teas with your cleanse. Just put on the kettle and enjoy!

Can I eat food during my cleanse?

The Supercleanse is designed to give your digestive system and gut a break from having to break down food. With 6 large juices included in the cleanse, our customers are often finding that they do not need food on cleanse day. But if you do feel a little hungry then we also send out herbal teas with your cleanse. So put on the kettle and enjoy.

Can I exercise during the cleanse?

Absolutely! A one-day juice cleanse will unlock extra energy. Combining that with exercise will help you feel great.

Will I lose weight?

Many people experience short-term weight loss from doing a cleanse. A juice cleanse can also be used as part of a larger weight loss strategy. On its own, a juice cleanse is not likely to help you reach long-term weight loss.

How do you make your juices?

The Supercleanse is a cold pressed cleanse. The juice comes from fruit and vegetables when we squeeze them. There is no slicing, dicing or heat in the process so the properties of the fruit and vegetables doesn't get changed in the process.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! We understand that life happens. Just email us at and we can pause or restart your subscription.

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